Introduction: How To Start up an Online Casino Business


Are you interested in starting a gambling or casino business online? This page is all about setting up your own website and while there are some steps that must be completed, it’s probably not as complex or as time-consuming as you think to do this.

You will need a merchant account, a dedicated server, a license, and gaming software from a professional developer.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg though because you also need to think about marketing and making sure customers find your business. So, let’s dive in and find out exactly what it takes to set up this type of company.

Think About What You Want To Deliver To Customers

This is always going to be the first and potentially the most important consideration. You need to think about what you are going to deliver to your customers. Consider the software you’re going to run, whether you’ll deliver a live casino or sports betting. Think about the additional features too including a potential tournament platform. Answering all these questions will give you a clear idea of the website that you are setting up. There are many online casino white label companies such as Nektan or Progressplay who are only too happy to help casino startups.

Legal Compliance

Obtaining a license must be related to your local jurisdiction. There are are a variety of countries that do allow you to get the license you need such as the Isle of Man. This means that you can sell to customers in other countries as well. When you are looking at different licenses and options here, make sure that you consider everything from cost to reputation and legal requirements. Taking all into this account will provide you with a clear picture of which license is going to be right for you.


You will certainly be charging for your service here. It’s important that you choose the right payment system provider. Ideally, you want to make payments as easy and fast as possible for customers.

This will ensure that your site is more attractive to them. Be aware that your payment provider should also be relevant to the markets that you are targeting. For instance, you may need to consider variables such as fraud detection or perhaps integration for all the major e-merchants favoured on the market. For many customers, the payment system will be a key consideration when they are choosing an online casino. You must beat the competition here, no deposit mobile casinos are very popular among players who dont have credit cards.

Web Design

Make sure that you do think about the design of your website. It needs to be attractive but easy to use and they should be able to quickly find exactly what they are searching for.

The site should also be fully optimised for mobile customers as this is where a large portion of your traffic will be coming from. Remember, research shows that if a site loads too slowly.

Then customers will grow bored and leave. You can start with a template but ultimately your design must be unique enough to stand out on what is already quite a crowded market.

Beyond the website design, you do need to make sure you have a firm marketing strategy in place too. This should include free incentives and bonuses designed to draw first-time users towards your new website.

We hope this helps you build your own new online gambling website from scratch.