Our Vision

Fight Galactic Unemployment.


„We ask recruiters what makes for a successful resume. Then we take these insights and build them into our resume templates. Thus, when you use our online resume builder, you know you are giving recruiters exactly what they want.”


Birth of a project

Novorésumé began in 2014 when Andrei, Cristian, and Stefan noticed a common problem among several of their contacts. Despite having extensive work experience and impressive skill sets, these individuals didn’t know how to showcase their talents with a professional resume and cover letter. Sensing an opportunity to help others with their job search, the three of them joined forces in exploring possible solutions as part of a university project.


By combining their respective backgrounds in technology, marketing, and design, the three came up with the idea of an intuitive, web-based tool that would make it as simple as possible to produce an eye-catching resume.


After a rigorous development and testing process, the outcome was an online resume builder that combines functionality and aesthetics to maximize users' chances of being invited for job interviews. The application first launched in February 2016, and it quickly gained international attention after being featured in Times, Forbes and Business Insider.

The Team

We have always believed that co-creation with users and recruiters is the key to our success. By soliciting the feedback of both groups, we ensure that users' and recruiters' needs continually align with our products. Not only does this allow us to improve the current application, but it has led to several ideas for additional products and services.

Stefan Polexe

CEO & Co-Founder

„Many people wonder why this Transylvanian is awake at night… All we know is that by dawn, he disappeared, leaving behind only an empty coffee mug and mysterious new updates.”

Andrei Kurtuy

CCO & Co-founder

„An avid marketer, researcher, and bookworm at heart. He loves reading biographies of great people and running as a form of meditation.”

Cristian Letai

CDO/Chief of Joy & Co-Founder

„A badass visual designer who never misses a chance to throw in some nerdy PUNchlines during creative meetings. Besides his undying love for Star Wars, he cares about the environment and sustainability.”

Frederik Smal

UX Product Owner

„An art lover and designer obsessed with making things work better. When he is not designing products or processes, he is likely cooking or sitting in a gallery in front of Rothko’s paintings. He is desperate to learn to play the piano.”

Søren Østerbye

Creative Director

„After falling in love with MS.Paint at the age of 7, he has moved on to other programs such as Illustrator, Cinema 4D, and Kerbal Space Program. Creativity through software is his thing.”

Timea Kiss

Tech Lead

„An absolute beer geek, architecture lover, and unstoppable traveler. She can be found lingering around high places like mountains or skyscrapers if she is not writing code.”

Urte Ciegyte

Office Manager

„A fanatic of structure and orderliness, she ensures the daily smooth running of our workplace. If not at the office, Urte can be seen exploring the city with her loyal sidekick, Dobby the doggo..”

Stefania Popescu

Junior Developer

„Always looking to learn, she embarked on a new adventure and made a career change to become a Software Developer. She enjoys cooking, outdoor walks, and taking pictures of city views.”

Romain Pennel

Customer Support Associate

„With a people-first approach, he focuses on offering excellent support to users. He also facilitates the development team's work by improving internal processes and making each member feel heard. He likes to go crate-digging to expand his record collection.”

Clàudia Mateu Vidal

Social Media Copywriter

„A communicator with a passion for storytelling and content creation. When she is not looking for the right words, she is probably taking pictures, picking up new sewing crafts, or watching the latest true crime documentary release.”

Maria Grifoll Nogues

Learning Specialist

„Curious at heart, Maria's mission is to help the brain process, understand, and retain information. In her free time, she enjoys Aperol Spritzes in the sun, compelling novels, and the company of friends that will join in her hiking and winter bathing adventures.”

Sarah Jane Brandt

Junior Creative

„She is a creative mastermind in observing her surroundings and implementing them into illustrations. Sarah always tries to push her limits. She also likes to watch good movies and discover new books to expand her horizons.”

Aleksandr Beliun

Full-Stack Developer

„A tech enthusiast and seeker of knowledge and occasional adventures. He codes for fun and likes to explore what the internet has to offer. When he is not busy, he pretends to be a deceptive old orc.”


Team Advisor

„A standup owl who loves to chat with anyone everywhere. Despite his serious appearance, he is a prankster at heart who is always cracking jokes at the office and then laughing at himself. He sure is hilarious...”

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